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What is the correct cutting height for South Florida Lawns?

correct cutting height for South Florida lawns

So how do we determining the correct cutting height for South Florida lawns? What species of grass do I have? How much watering does my yard get? Does my lawn get some shade rather than full sun? Do I have loose soil rather than dense soil? All these things play important roles. The rule of thumb among lawn care professionals is the correct cutting height should be 3-3.5 inches. I rather cut my lawns at a taller 3.5 to 4 inches. The reason being a taller, more dense lawn will choke out weeds like Pusley.  Another advantage to having taller grass is moisture. Taller grass insulates the soil from the heat of the day. Therefore, you will not lose vital moisture to evaporation. Another benefit to that would be not having to water your lawn as often. Having a thick, plush lawn is definitely a balancing act.

Maintaining  the correct watering cycle is crucial. One of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners is overwatering. A Lot of people believe they must water their lawn everyday. Some even water everyday for over an hour. This is simply a mistake. Also, it’s a waste of water and electricity. Like I mentioned previously, a taller cutting height retains moisture. Therefore, I recommend watering every two to three days for fifteen to twenty minutes per zone. Even less with a heavily shaded lawn. As a result, your lawn’s roots will not rely heavily on your watering. The root system will naturally burrow deeper in search of its own water. Consequently, this will make your lawn more drought resistant.

So in my opinion, with the optimal watering cycle, the correct cutting height for South Florida lawns is 3.75 to 4 inches. If you have any questions about your lawn, please call us at 954-591-3430


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